Floors as unique as you are!

At Evergreen we finish a variety of floors and work with customers who have a variety of tastes and preference. We wanted to take some time and let you know about our favorite high quality products and how we can make your floors look as unique as you like.

 Loba – On Top!

Loba is the only German medium sized company producing only hardwood finish. Thus the quality is just there.

When the project calls for a finish on top of the floor we use their waterborne finish and sealer. Loba produces a superior product designed for commercial grade wear and tear yet affordable for households alike.  They are also low VOC or solvent, so they are non-toxic for you and your family.  They also dry fast so you can get moved back in sooner!

I love to use these products because they consistently look great and hold up well.  You will love them for the same reasons.


Loba also makes a line of penetrating oils.  These are oils meant to be worked into the wood so the protection is IN the wood flooring, as opposed to on top with a water based finish.   This leaves your floor looking and feeling very natural and real.


The depth of colour and grain from the floor is unique from any other floor finish.  It enhances the natural look and feel of any hardwood floor.  There are many options as well for the colour you may want.


You can also create a layering effect with these penetrating oils, where you can have a base coat of one colour then a topcoat of a contrasting colour.

Loba Impact Oils
Loba Impact Oils

Also you can combine with a different water based stains and dyes. This is something unique to penetrating oils.   With Loba, depending on the exact finish system then you can top coat them with their water based finishes, if wanted.

I love the customization available, and you can find something truly unique for your home.

As you can tell there are many options for your home.

What are your thoughts? Have you found similar results or had any good/bad experiences with any of these? We are interested in your feedback. Leave a comment below and tell us your story!

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