Door in the floor

Some days we find someone else’s really interesting ideas. This one was a head-scratcher.

We were tasked with a hardwood floor refinishing in a Vancouver apartment, and one of the bedrooms had to have the carpet removed. That is where we found a patch repair in the floor. Everyone was surprised by the find and no one had any information regarding it. You could tell that it was not done professionally, but we didn’t realize to what extent. As we pulled up the patch it kept coming up in strips, which was confusing, definitely not plywood. Then we got a good hold of the old repair and pulled the whole thing up, and that is when we realized what we were dealing with.

Yup, someone thought it would have been a good idea to use a door to fill a patch in the hardwood floor. Never mind the lack of a moisture barrier as well. After we recovered from our fits of laughter, we repaired the floor properly and threw the old door in the trash.

No one had any info on the old repair, so it must have been done a long time ago, before the tenants were there. It’s amazing what people will use without the proper knowledge or perhaps in a panic. Just know that Evergreen Hardwood Floors will always use the proper techniques and products to do quality work. We pride ourselves on that and know that doors should stay vertical.

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