Grainy picture

As I was going through some photos, I saw something that struck me as interesting, and wanted to share. Two photos, showing the same species of wood, fir, but looking totally different. I’ll show you, but you’ll have to look past the stain colour.

Refinished fir

Now the obvious part is that the top one is stained. What I wanted to point out though was the difference in grain of the two. Yes they are the same species of wood, fir, but one has a very open grain pattern, while the other is a tight linear grain. The different grains are from the different types of cuts of the lumber from the mill. Different cuts result in different grain patterns in the flooring. This is true of many different species of wood.

The point of this is to make you aware of these differences , so when you are looking and choosing a flooring, there are no surprises after the fact. If you were wanting that tight grain or vice versa but you receive a different look that does not match your expectations, anyone would be disappointed. You and your installer/refinisher should have that open communication, so everyone is aware of the look that’s wanted and what’s involved in achieving that.

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