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Professional products for hardwood floors

Refinishing your hardwood floors is not something you will do very often, so you would want your floors to be able to last a long time. So I wanted to talk about some products that I use in my work, refinishing hardwood floors.

The first line of defence for a hardwood floor is the finish used on top. Obviously as the homeowner you want a high quality finish, that is durable, and looks great for a long time.

As a contractor I want to use products that tick all those boxes for a homeowner, and that I can trust.

The finish that I use most often for your hardwood floors is Bona Traffic or Bona Traffic HD.

They are two part water based, commercial grade hardwood floor finishes. This means that a hardener or catalyzer is added to start the curing process. These are very durable finishes that will look great for a long time. Let’s go over some of the benefits.

This finish will not yellow or amber over time, like an oil base finish will, staying clear for the life of the floor. Basically they age gracefully. You can tell right away if an oil based finish was used on a hardwood floor because of that amber colour, and it just intensifies over time, becoming orange. You lose the look and grain of a floor over time. It’s amazing the grain and colour you see when you begin sanding a heritage hardwood floor, and then preserving that look under a clear, durable finish. I have gone back to see some hardwood floors finished with Bona Traffic and they looked good as new, without that “orange” look.

Also, they are low VOC. What are VOC’s? Volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from the coatings result from the use of solvents in both solvent-based and water-based coatings. The solvents in coatings are released to the atmosphere by evaporation during the drying and curing process. The maximum amount for hardwood floor finishes is 350g/L. Bona Traffic is 210g/L and Traffic HD is 125g/L. The full line of Bona finishes are VOC compliant, and Greenguard certified for indoor air quality. What this means for you, is that you won’t have to vacate your home while the finishes are being applied. An example is that these finishes could be applied in a school while children are in school.

Also, these finishes dry faster than traditional oil based finishes. You are able to walk on them within 24 hours, if not sooner. Any renovation will take you out of your routine, so why that’s good for you, is that you can be back on your hardwood floors and back into your normal routine.

No hardwood floor finish is bulletproof, they will wear out over time and use. So a discerning homeowner would want the most durable finish available for your hardwood floor, so it can last as long as possible, and look good during that time. Evergreen Hardwood Floors is committed to using quality products for the best value with your hardwood floors. Contact us today to consult on your hardwood flooring project.

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