Hardwood floors in Abbotsford

Abbotsford Hardwood Floors

While I have lived in a few places throughout the Lower Mainland, I moved to Abbotsford close to 10 years ago now, (wow, time flies) and I do love the city in the country aspect of it here. It’s full of hard working individuals who love what they do, and I am happy to count myself among them, when I opened Evergreen Hardwood Floors.

Working with homeowners on their hardwood flooring, has added valuable experience as we move forward to new challenges. Looking back over the years remembering all the work, has been energizing. There is a great variety of hardwood floors in Abbotsford. You’ll find heritage homes with their amazing old fir floors, full of character ready to be brought back to life. It’s amazing to see the history of Abbotsford when you see these houses and you want to be a part of regaining their former glory. Afterward, the hardwood floors look new again and are ready for another generation of use. Of course newer homes have pre-finished hardwood floors, some with, out of this world claims of durability. At the end of the day they will need to be refinished as well. While challenging, when refinished they look great, resulting in a classic looking hardwood floor, that will last years.

One thing I love about this job is working through the challenges. From the hardwood floors that no one thinks can be refinished, but the homeowners don’t want to replace the floor, then working together to find a solution. To those maple floors that no one seems to think that they can be stained on site, but knowing the right process, so they come out looking great. These are just a few areas where Evergreen Hardwood Floors excels at. Through our past experiences we know what works, and we are not scared off by something outside the box. Being able to rely on an extensive network of flooring professionals for practical advice has been an invaluable resource as well.

There are the times when you’ll want to replace that old carpet with some timeless hardwood. The amount of choices can be overwhelming, but I’m happy to provide some direction. If you want some custom hardwood flooring that not everyone on your street has, we can work together to find something that will work with your particular home and style choice. Also, if you want to extend some pre-existing hardwood to the rest of your home, we can help source some matching hardwood flooring.

This is interesting and fulfilling work and I look forward to having a discussion with you and making your vision come to life. Take a look through the website and see the evidence of Evergreen Hardwood Floor’s work. Contact me and let’s talk about what you want for your hardwood floors and we can discuss your options to make that happen.

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