Is hardwood flooring hiding under your carpet?

You may have hardwood flooring under your carpet!

Design trends come and go. In the past carpet was so popular, that they covered over anything with it, including beautiful hardwood floors. Why was it so popular? Because it was cheaper, easier and faster to install then hardwood flooring, so no one wanted to install hardwood floors first off. Also maintaining a hardwood floor in the past was very labour intensive as well. With wax finishes they had be maintained often, applying a new coat of wax or being buffed, at least monthly, if not sooner.

Perhaps hiding under your carpet is some beautiful hardwood floors just waiting to be revealed. Or you would like the carpet removed and hardwood flooring installed. There are a few steps to take with replacing carpet with hardwood flooring or refinishing the hardwood flooring underneath.

First off, out goes the carpet! Every time we have removed older carpet, we are amazed at the amount of dust and debris that is underneath. This is no judgment on the homeowners, as even vacuuming regularly does not get all the dust that gets trapped in the fibres. These slowly over time go deeper into the carpet and end up through onto the sub-floor.


As you can see, there is a reason why they say carpeting is not very hypoallergenic. Obviously a thorough cleaning is needed at his point. This is another reason for hardwood floors, they contribute to healthier air in your home.

At this time we remove the tack strips, the hundreds or even thousands of staples, and the underlay, and dispose of them all properly.

If there is hardwood flooring underneath they may look in rough shape, don’t worry. Many times there is a few repairs needed, the carpet may be “hiding” stains that happen from water or a pet. We have the expertise to find matching the different types of hardwood flooring and make any needed repairs. So when the carpet comes up, we will do a thorough elevation of your hardwood floor.

As you can see in the picture, parquet hardwood flooring was discovered under some carpet, but with a lot of glue residue from the underlay or perhaps an old tile was glued down.

IMG_0128 There are a few different techniques and machines we can use to cleaning this type of residue off. This is where the thorough examination of your hardwood by qualified professionals will help.

So if you would like to your carpet removed and replace it with beautiful hardwood, please contact Evergreen Hardwood Floors, the friendly reliable professionals.

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