Protect your hardwood floors

Maintain your hardwood floors

Refinishing your hardwood floors is a big investment, not only with your pocket book, but emotionally. You have taken the time to choose someone you trust to come into your home, you have made sure that the colour you have chosen, you will love now, but also for the foreseeable future. The hardwood floor has come out great, it looks like new, and now you want sure your hardwood floors look that good for a long time.

One of the first things you will do when your hardwood floor is all done, is put the furniture back on it. Obviously this must happen but if the furniture isn’t properly prepped it can cause damage, like scratching and gouging, to your new floor. So here are a few tips you can do protect your hardwood floor from your furniture.

Lift with your legs

When moving your furniture, lift and place it where you want it. Do not drag your furniture across your hardwood floor, new or not, this will definitely damage your floor. There may be some dirt or pebble stuck on the bottom of a leg and could cause a scratch.

Leg protectors

I definitely recommend using some sort of protectors on the bottom of you furniture legs to protect you hardwood floors. I’ll go through them and give you some pros and cons.

Tap-ons – very secure, so they won’t fall off, and can offer good protection. Be careful though, that they don’t break or fall apart. This may expose the nail or screw used to attach the protector, and then that can dig into your hardwood floor.

Adhesive – Easily available, and can offer good protection. They don’t last that long and they may fall off, exposing the hard leg of the furniture, then damaging the hardwood floor.

Slip-ons – These slide over the leg, offering good protection and are very secure. Keep an eye on them so they don’t wear through, then into your hardwood floor.

Usually all protectors come in three kinds of materials. Plastic, rubber, and felt.

I would not recommend plastic. It will wear down your hardwood floor finish, and then into your actual wood.

Rubber can be used on furniture that would not be moved a lot. It can be a good protection and very durable. If it is put on furniture that will move around, it may leave scuff marks on your hardwood floor.

Felt works well on hardwood floors. Be aware of the thickness of the felt. Obviously the thicker the more protection it offers. It works well on furniture that moves, making it easier to safely slide the furniture. Be careful that no dust or debris gets caught in the felt, this can then be ground into your hardwood floors.

hope this helps with one aspect of maintaining your beautiful hardwood floors.

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