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What’s a better option, replace or refinish?

Is it cheaper to replace our hardwood flooring or refinish?

I am getting this question more often nowadays, so I thought I would put my thoughts about this on record.

This question usually comes up after people may have been given some misinformation about refinishing, like “no one does that anymore” or “these floors can’t be refinished” or after knowing the price of refinishing their hardwood floors. Continue reading What’s a better option, replace or refinish?

Hardwood floors in Abbotsford

Abbotsford Hardwood Floors

While I have lived in a few places throughout the Lower Mainland, I moved to Abbotsford close to 10 years ago now, (wow, time flies) and I do love the city in the country aspect of it here. It’s full of hard working individuals who love what they do, and I am happy to count myself among them, when I opened Evergreen Hardwood Floors. Continue reading Hardwood floors in Abbotsford

Patience with hardwood floors

Refinishing hardwood floors takes patience

We all need patience for a lot of things in life. Commuting, grocery line ups, or waiting for that new season of your favourite show to make it to Netflix. Recently I was reminded of the patience I need in my job refinishing hardwood floors when I was asked to take a look at a hardwood floor by a real estate agent, on behalf of his clients, who had bought the home. He asked if I could drop by. “OK, I’ll come take a look and go over the options” Continue reading Patience with hardwood floors

Taking down walls

When doing renovations, one popular option, is to remove walls and open up the space. With that, you may have to repair or install more hardwood afterward, where the walls used to be. Here is a repair that was recently completed. What used to be a closet in an entry, was removed to open up the smaller entry, and the area needed to be filled in with matching wood. Continue reading Taking down walls