Taking down walls

When doing renovations, one popular option, is to remove walls and open up the space. With that, you may have to repair or install more hardwood afterward, where the walls used to be. Here is a repair that was recently completed. What used to be a closet in an entry, was removed to open up the smaller entry, and the area needed to be filled in with matching wood.

So here we see the outline of the closet. The original wood has been removed, and all that remains is the subfloor, and some wood that was used to fill in where the walls were. Doesn’t look that great.

So the particle board was removed and the subfloor was repaired. Some matching hardwood and the original hardwood was used to blend together, and fill in the area. After, the whole floor was refinished.

Here is the entry after the repair was done. The floor was also refinished.What we always want to achieve with any repair, is that it is difficult to spot that there was a repair in the first place.

So if you are looking to open up a space or your hardwood needs some repairs, Evergreen Hardwood Floors can help with the process, so your floor can look new again.

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