What’s a better option, replace or refinish?

Is it cheaper to replace our hardwood flooring or refinish?

I am getting this question more often nowadays, so I thought I would put my thoughts about this on record.

This question usually comes up after people may have been given some misinformation about refinishing, like “no one does that anymore” or “these floors can’t be refinished” or after knowing the price of refinishing their hardwood floors.

First, some people may not realize that refinishing is possible on many new types of floors, engineered and pre-finished being the most common these days. Some have been led to believe that no one can or will refinish these floors. As a professional I can tell you that they can be refinished and I have refinished tens of thousands of square feet of these. While it may be more difficult, with the care and quality work from the professional’s at Evergreen Hardwood Floors they can be made to look good as new again, so why rip them out! You can get that classic hardwood floor look, no bevels, while updating the look with a new stain colour, or finish sheen.

Also, for the price of refinishing your existing hardwood floor, you may be able to buy some new hardwood flooring from a big box store. But this hardwood is usually on the lower end of the quality scale. So to qualify that, it could be a lower grade wood and finish used. Not to mention, where did this wood came from? Where was it finished? Now there are always deals out there, but as it is for anything, quality always costs a little more.

Now you may think, well thats not bad, I get new floors. True, but that is just the price of some lower grade materials. Keep in mind these other labor costs. Removal of existing hardwood, any subfloor prep, and the price of installing that new floor. Some of these costs are variable, but we can get a clearer idea of what the real cost is.

Is it cheaper to replace our hardwood flooring or refinish?

Simple answer is that new hardwood is not cheaper than refinishing your existing hardwood floors. So keep your hardwood and update the look, we can custom stain your floor any colour you had in mind.

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